Unexplained Bruising – Cancer Bruises & How to Get Rid of a Bruise

Bruising usually happens after trauma, severe activity, and soft tissue injury. All of these events cause blood capillaries located beneath the skin surface to rupture and spill blood into the soft tissues around them. Bruising occurs as discolorations of the skin, ranging in color from dark red to purple and black-blue.

If you’ve had a fall or got injured, it’s normal to expect a mild blood clot accompanied by discoloration under your skin. However, if you get bruises all of a sudden and without any explanation, you might feel very worried. This gets much worse if the unexplained bruising repeatedly happens on the sides of your neck, back, legs and face.

What could it be?

The most common causes of unexplained bruises

Mysterious bleeding may in some cases be a symptom of an underlying health problem that requires careful treatment and medical attention. We normally recover from trauma for 2-4 weeks, after which the leaked blood is reabsorbed into the body again. But unexplained bruises may come from these causes:

Injuries or strenuous physical activities

Injuries or strenuous physical activities, such as running: Unexplained bruises might result from some apparently minor (or even undetected) injuries. It sometimes takes a couple of days for the blood to rise close to the surface of the skin, which may not even make you know what caused the bruises.