A leukemia diagnosis is one of the most shocking news a family can receive, and most people do not know much about leukemia symptoms. It is one of the most common forms of cancer in children, and there are several types of leukemia that would easily confuse patients.

For this reason, “Anti Leukemia” has specialized in providing accurate medical information about leukemia symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. By itself, leukemia definition can be difficult to grasp. It is basically cancer of a type of cell in the blood called leukocytes. But instead of leaving the topic for specialist, the primary aim of “Anti Leukemia” is to make available medical information that is easily understandable for patients and families.

As you would expect from an authoritative health site, our writing team is composed of medical doctors. Our medical writers are always looking for the best alternatives to explain the most complex topics adapted for the layman and the common reader.

As a result, we are delighted to hear that our content has served well to inform patients and make them aware of their health condition. It is also a useful way for doctors to redirect patients to curated and educational content. For educational purposes, we will always have images in our articles as a form to make sure we are conveying the right idea.

That is because, besides our medical team, there’s a graphic team in “Anti Leukemia”. They will be in charge of making it easier for you to understand complex topics, such as:

Studying medicine requires several years of instruction and medical practice. Thus, after reading our contents, we do not aim at making you an expert in leukemia. You won’t become capable of diagnosing yourself, and will definitely not be able to perform any type of self-treatment, a behavior we do not endorse.

Instead, our aim is for you to understand your medical condition, get acquainted with your treatment options, and make it easy for your doctor to explain the most complex topics.

Anti Leukemia” has been created for the sole purpose of providing you with the medical information and tools to carry on with this devastating disease, regain your physical and mental health, and obtain the support you need to become resilient.