Blood Clot

One of the most fascinating systems in our bodies is the circulatory system. The system whose center is the heart from which vessels branch functions to supply the body with its need for oxygen and nutrients. The perfect carrier for such substances is the blood. Our blood is formed of a fluid medium called the plasma in which cells flow. Our blood cells are red blood cells, white blood cells, and the cellular fragments, the platelets.

Why do we need coagulation?

Our blood must be fluid to pass with ease through the small capillaries to supply every inch of our bodies. This comes with the problem of bleeding. The fluidity of blood will allow it to flow easily through even small wounds which can be life-threatening. That is why we need coagulation. Coagulation is the ability of the blood to form solid plugs whenever a tissue defect is present in our blood vessels. This must be done promptly within minutes or an excessive amount of blood will be lost.