Bone Cancer (Sarcoma of Bone)

Bone cancer (sarcoma of bone) is a tumor in the bone that occurs as a result of the growth of bone cells out of control. The tumor may have its origin in the bone, or it may have spread from cancer elsewhere in the body to the bones. Bone cancer is also classified as an uncommon malignant tumor. In any bone of the body, but it often affects long bones such as the bones of the leg and arm, and the feeling of pain in the bone is considered one of the early symptoms of bone cancer, as the patient feels pain and swelling in the place of the tumor, and the pain intensifies with movement, and increases at night, in addition to swelling and stiffness of the joints surrounding the tumor, in addition to other symptoms.

Types of bone cancer (sarcoma of bone)

Bone cancer is divided into two types:

Primary bone cancer:

  • It is cancer that arises from the bones themselves and is the most dangerous type of bone cancer. It is called the main type of primary cancer (sarcoma of bone).
  • Sarcomas are cancer of bone, muscle, fibrous tissue, blood vessels, adipose tissue, and other tissues, which can occur anywhere in the body.

Secondary bone cancer:

  • It is cancer that has spread to the bone from cancer found in another part of the body, such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, kidney cancer, and thyroid cancer.
  • Bone cancers may be benign or malignant. Malignant bone tumors occur when a cancerous tumor develops in the bones.
  • Benign bone tumors occur when a benign, non-cancerous tumor develops in the bones.