Top 6 Prevalent Infections in Leukemia

Invasive fungal infections

We have mentioned above fungal infections, such as candida infections appearing in the oral cavity. However, patients with leukemia will also have complicated fungal infections that do not only stay in one tissue but migrate to other parts of the organism. The most common invasive fungal infection is candida in patients with severe immune suppression, and usually when they have central venous catheters.

Other fungal infections that become disseminated include Aspergillus infections, which usually start in the sinuses or lungs and affect the central nervous system in cases of prolonged neutropenia or in patients using steroids. If the patient has suffered from histoplasmosis, coccidiomycosis, or blastomycosis, they may reactivate during the course of the disease, and some of them become disseminated throughout the body.