9 Leukemia Rashes, Bruises, and Other Skin Manifestations


Leukemia is a life-threatening disease that involves excessive replication of blood cells with defective function. It is a type of blood cancer that compromises the normal function of the cardiovascular system, the clotting cascade, and much more.

These clotting problems and blood function issues make patients with leukemia more susceptible to various types of infections, rashes, and bruises. We will study them separately in this article giving you relevant leukemia rash pictures to help you recognize them as warning signs of this disease.

Rashes, bruises, and other skin manifestations of leukemia

Among rashes and bruises of leukemia, we should differentiate those caused by hemorrhage in the skin and those caused by infections, allergies, and inflammatory processes.


These are the most common hemorrhagic manifestations of leukemia. Petechiae are red spots throughout the skin or located in a certain area. They are caused by a dysfunction in the clotting system because new cells coming out of the bone marrow are immature and not functional. You can recognize them because they are bright red, round, small, and flat.