11 Leukemia Signs & Symptoms In Women – Need to Be Aware Of!

Our bone marrow is where the majority of new cells are produced. Even though there are countless of new cells being produced in the long surface of the skin, the bone marrow plays an important role in exchanging blood cells rapidly. These cells grow and become mature very quickly, and this speed is fundamental in maintaining proper health. However, in some cases, the process becomes excessively rapid as a result of DNA alterations and mutations. That’s what leukemia is about.

Leukemia is a type of blood cancer where new blood cells are created too rapidly. They become too many, and they are immature to work correctly. Thus, patients with leukemia start displaying a series of alterations related to the normal function of their blood.

A few symptoms in leukemia will also overlap with women’s health risks and problems, which is why sometimes leukemia is even more severe in women. The most important symptoms of leukemia in women are as follows:



The vast majority of cases of leukemia start with a fever. This type of fever is known as fever of unknown origin because it is very difficult to track, and it is not always associated with a given infection. Fever of unknown origin has many different explanations, including tuberculosis, mononucleosis, intra-abdominal abscess, and HIV infections.

So, it is not only having higher temperatures and not knowing the reason why. Your doctor will perform a series of tests in order to understand the real cause, and in case it is leukemia, you might need to be hospitalized depending on your blood tests and other parameters.