15 Warning Signs & Symptoms Of Leukemia You Shouldn’t Ignore

Fever and chills

Fever and associated symptoms such as chills and rigors are not the initial and most common symptoms, usually occurring only in one-quarter of cases of acute leukemia and rarely in cases of chronic leukemia. However, persistent fever or frequent history of infections may be concerning, especially when doctors are unable to find the foci of infection or your fever is not subsiding despite taking multiple antibiotics and antipyretics. Since people with leukemia can not produce healthy white blood cells in their bodies, repeated episodes of fever can be a common symptom.

You may experience a mild cold or flu secondary to common infectious diseases, but if you have a persistent temperature of 101 ° F or higher, it will make it stand out from an ordinary illness. It is not common to have [high] fever in an adult. In about three to five days, many cold and viruses will run through our bodies, so anything far beyond that should be addressed with your doctor.