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Metabolic diseases

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Metabolic diseases are quite rare yet important causes of lymph node enlargement. Like autoimmune diseases, they involve the whole body and affected lymph nodes are multiple. They originate from a genetic anomaly that causes the body to accumulate certain food byproducts in an abnormal form. They include 2 main categories, lipid storage diseases and glycogen storage diseases. They shouldn’t be confused with amyloidosis which, although causes an enlargement of lymph nodes, it is not a metabolic disease but a complex process of accumulation of an abnormal protein. It may have a genetic component or may simply result from old age “senile amyloidosis”.

It is easy to be afraid of a swelling that appeared out of nowhere in your neck, but don’t rush to draw a conclusion or resort to self-medication. Consulting your doctor is always a good option, and if he/she decides that it is worth investigating further, they will order a battery of exams or prescribe treatment that will best manage your condition.