This Boy Saw A Sick Girl At A Hockey Game. What He Did For Her Had Everyone Cheering!

This Boy Saw A Sick Girl At A Hockey Game. What He Did For Her Had Everyone Cheering
This Boy Saw A Sick Girl At A Hockey Game. What He Did For Her Had Everyone Cheering

Childhood leukemia

It is the formation of abnormal white blood cells in the bone marrow of the body. These cells form the bone marrow travel to the bloodstream and infect the healthy cells of the body. This gives rise to many other problems of the body. In recent years, a lot of patients of leukemia have been diagnosed. This disease attacks the immune system of the body and causes other ailments too. It has become a serious risk for the children.

Awareness among people about Leukemia

Childhood leukemia has become a piece of a thorn in the eyes of many. It is threatening for the children of the whole world. The rate of leukemia in children is increasing rapidly. This deadly disease has become a cause of the deaths of many children. But the research and advancement in the field of science have developed such ways and methods that these diseases have become curable in children. It has grabbed the interests of many people and has created awareness among them regarding this disease. People have started campaigns and organizing events for such patients. The whole world is trying to fight against this ailment to save and support the unfortunate kids. Science has brought these affected children in the light of hope, so the people around them are also trying hard to support these kids.

Incident that moved the world

Tyler Myers, who is a famous defender of a popular team of Winnipeg Jets game presented a hockey stick with his signatures to Keaton Hemin. He won the stick in the game. It was an honor for him to get the stick from such Tyler Myers with signatures. In the crowd, there was a small child of 7 years who was a great fan and follower of Keaton Hemin, rushed to him to see the hockey stick won by him. Her name was Alyx Delaloye and was suffering from childhood leukemia. She just wanted to look at the prized hockey stick closely. But Keaton Hemin decided to give her that hockey stick. The child became shocked to see what he did. Keaton Hemin found that Alyx had been suffering from leukemia, bald from chemotherapy. She was fighting bravely with this deadly disease. So, he decided to present her that hockey stick and thought that she was more deserving than him to have that stick.


Seeing such behavior of compassion from people about the suffering children is simply incredible. But, thanks to science, there are available options for its treatment. Many children are going under treatment. We hope Alyx will be free of this disease one day.