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When to worry about a rash in adults?


Skin rash is one of the most common manifestations of many different diseases, and the majority of them are benign. However, if you continuously find new rashes and strange symptoms, your doctor may recommend a complete blood count.

Doctors start worrying about a rash when it is associated with very low levels of red blood cells, basophils, neutrophils of monocytes. In other cases, they can be abnormally high instead of low but based on immature forms of each cell line. In this case, it is possible that your doctor decides to run some additional tests to know what happens and give you a diagnosis.

If you have a rash as an adult, is there any way to know whether or not to worry? What causes skin rash in adults? What signs and symptoms should alert you to ask your doctor right away and find out the cause of your rash? We covered all of these topics in our article about when to worry about a rash in adults?.