Pinprick Red Dots on Skin Not Itchy – Red Dots on Skin

One of the most unpleasant sights you may find accidently on your skin are those red dots all over the place. Skin and nails are considered a mirror to your body because they reflect the overall condition of your internal health. This is largely due to two unique features. Firstly, because your skin covers a surface area of 1.73 square meters, which makes it the largest organ in your body. Secondly, because the skin is very rich in blood and nerve supply, therefore any change in blood chemistry is more likely to reflect on your skin and nails than any other external organ.

Then, you woke up one morning and found some pinprick red dots on your hands, forearms. This troubles you because they can mean anything from a mild condition that rarely calls for concern to some severe life-threatening health problems. It is important to know that the difference between one and the other can only be distinguished by your physician, and this article can by no means substitute medical advice, but it helps you understand the causes for general medical knowledge.

Causes of pinprick red dots

1) Miliaria (sweat rash)

Miliaria is a medical term for sweat rash, and they are one of the commonest causes of these red dots. Sweat rash occurs when the small sweat glands in our skin are clogged, and they can’t release their secretions on the surface of the skin.

In most cases, this results in colorless vesicles that appear without much trouble. However, if the obstruction is more severe, they get infected and appear red and inflamed. Sweat rash can result from overtight clothes, especially those made of nylon or other waterproof material, and they can occur in those who use medication patches. It is a common condition in infants and is usually diagnosed in the newborn owing to a variety of causes, especially their underdeveloped sweat ducts. It is especially common in adults who moved recently to hot areas from cold climates. In the case of deep sweat rash -that with a reddish appearance-, it causes discomfort and heat exhaustion.