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4) Allergic rash

Allergic rash

Allergy is a general term that includes a variety of manifestations and forms. Allergy in general means an abnormal body response towards a foreign protein or substance. Allergic manifestations vary from a mild rash to severe shock and death. What is different in allergic rash is that it is itchy on the contrary to the above types of rash. This itchiness is due to the release of the chemical mediator histamine. Allergic rash can result from exposure to a certain material applied directly to the skin, ingested, injected or even inhaled.

In the case of local allergic rash, it tends to occur at the site of exposure, usually on the hands, arms, feet and legs. They can show up after applying cream, perfume, jewelry, tattoos, henna and other beauty products. They can also follow sun exposure in some patients.