How to Increase a Low Platelet Count

Vitamin C

Vitamin C - How to increase a low platelet count
Vitamin C

You need to increase your intake of the citrous vitamin, i.e., vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, to increase your platelet count. A study published in the Japanese Hematology Journal stated that vitamin C significantly improves the number of platelets.

Being a potent antioxidant, vitamin C in high doses also prevents platelet free-radical mediated damage. Depending on your age, immunity, and overall health, your body needs 400 to 2,000 mg of vitamin C per day.

• Eat vitamin C rich foods like lemons, bananas, cantaloupes, onions, kiwi, spinach, broccoli, and peppers.

• You may also take vitamin C regularly in the form of supplements, but only after your doctor has been consulted.