Splenectomy (Spleen Removal); Splenectomy Indications & How Is Splenectomy Done?

What does the spleen do (spleen function)

What does the spleen do
What does the spleen do, spleen function

The spleen has 2 main functions:

1- It has the “red pulp” which is responsible for the destruction of aged red blood cells. It is the main site for such function and that is why it may be enlarged in some red cell disorders.

2- The “white pulp” of the spleen has an immune function where it serves many immune mechanisms mostly against some types of bacteria such as meningococci which cause meningitis and pneumococci and hemophilis influenza which cause pneumonia.

Both of those functions need the spleen to be very vascular that for the inexperienced eye, a spleen looks very similar to a sack of blood.