Multiple Myeloma; Symptoms, Diagnosis & Multiple Myeloma Treatment

Multiple myeloma symptoms

Multiple myeloma is a cancer that affects different body organs and systems and therefore, the range of symptoms that result from it are diverse. Symptoms include the following:

1) Asymptomatic

Multiple myeloma symptoms, Asymptomatic

Like many cancers, multiple myeloma can present in an asymptomatic patient through routine checkup, lab tests or due to an unrelated problem. The doctor can order a protein measurement of the blood and find that there is an unfilled gap of protein. Our serum, which is the fluid in which our blood cells move, contains 2 main proteins, albumin and globulin. Albumin is our chief protein and is produced by our liver, while globulins or antibodies are produced by our plasma cells. A wide gap between total protein and albumin levels could indicate an excessive secretion of antibodies.