Multiple Myeloma; Symptoms, Diagnosis & Multiple Myeloma Treatment

3) Fever, fatigue and weight loss

Multiple myeloma symptoms, Fever

Those symptoms are general in nearly all types of cancers due to the rapid destruction and formation of cells. The destruction of cancer cells does occur at a rapid rate but is always overshadowed by their rapid division. This destruction releases many chemical mediators which cause the fever. The diversion of nutrition from normal cells causes the weight loss and fatigue.

Having a fever, however, is not indicative of malignancy at all, and many other causes for fever and weight loss are excluded by a brief history taking by your physician. Common causes like infections can cause both especially if they involve the gastrointestinal system like gastroenteritis. Tuberculosis is also known to cause both and to have a chronic course similar to cancer. Tuberculosis is also characterized by night sweating, coughing and bloody sputum in some cases.